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Advertising Operations Coordinator

Job No: 100471
Location: Brisbane

What's the role all about?

Recruitment matters. Our clients can't grow and outperform their competitors if they don't have the right people (and the best people) working for them. You are instrumental to helping our clients find these people. Equally, it is the work you do that puts members of the public into jobs they love. How cool is that?

Have you ever read a really lame job ad? Poorly written, dry, didn't give you an idea of the role or the organisation at all... maybe more about "what's in it for the employer" with no reference to "what's in it for the employee".

How about a kick-ass job ad? One that drew you in, gave you the information you needed to help you decide whether or not to apply, and was crystal-clear in terms of who would (and wouldn't) be the right person for the job. One that was exciting! Maybe the ad you're reading right now is one of those (I did write it after all! I know, bad joke...).

Seriously though - some recruitment ads simply jump out from the screen. They're effective for both the prospective applicants and the employer because they're honest and they hit the mark in terms of who should apply for this job. These ads get people who are the right fit for the role, excited.

This job is about writing, scheduling, posting and coordinating those kinds of advertisements.

Although copywriting is a component of the role, an equally important part is ensuring the campaign gets in front of, and attracts, the widest range of relevant candidates as possible. The way to succeed here is through executing a strategic, comprehensive and thought out approach.

What does an actual 'day in the life' look like?

A typical day will look something like this:

  • 7:45am - 8:00am (we officially start at 8:20am but most people choose to be in well before that) - Get to the office. Say hi to your awesome Employment Office co-workers, settle in, grab a coffee, check your e-mails.
  • 8:00am - Plan your day. There's a long list of tasks that need to be prioritised to make sure all deadlines are reached. This role is all about sticking to deadlines without losing quality of work.
  • 8:20am - Have a meeting with your team to confirm priorities and get focused. Group high-five optional, but likely.
  • 8:30am - 12pm - A mix of:
    • Taking briefs and writing job ads for a variety of clients, industries and role types.
    • Coordinating advertising schedules. We use a number of different advertising mediums (from job boards to social networks to EDMs and all that's in between!) to draw the right candidates to apply. The coordination piece of the role means you need to be a steel trap when it comes to organisation and attention to detail. You'll be looking at what we sold the client, and scheduling tasks to make sure everything goes out at an appropriate time and on time.
    • Posting your ads across the mediums listed above. They need to be accurate. They need to be posted in the right categories and locations. There is no room for error here. Repeat - steel trap! You also need common sense and a bit of a strategic mindset to ensure campaigns are performing above market and bringing in the right people!
  • 12pm – Lunch! Catch up with your colleagues in our breakout room, or take a walk down Park Rd or along the river to get some fresh air.
  • 1pm - 5pm - A mixture of similar tasks to those you did in the morning, plus:
    • Developing advertising strategies. One of your clients might say "Where do you think we should advertise to attract Sales Consultants in Melbourne, with a $3,500 budget?" and you'll be responsible for putting together a strategy that is going to nail the brief.
    • Meet with colleagues to discuss campaigns that need a little extra love and attention. You're part of the specialist team in our business when it comes to advertising so you'll make recommendations - and together with the other staff members who are working on the campaign, you'll make a plan to turn the campaign from 'sad' to 'WOW'!
    • Attend client meetings (usually phone based) to help explain an advertising strategy we might be pitching to the client or to brainstorm on how we can best position a role.
  • 5pm - Our day officially finishes at 5. If you've gotten through all tasks, great work, get out of here and enjoy your evening. Sometimes you'll stay back later to make sure everything is tidied up and all deadlines are met. On Fridays we take a bit of an early mark to socialise over some in-office drinks!

What kind of person LOVES this role?

Emphasis on the LOVE. It's not going to work for you, or us, if you don't love what you're doing and love the company too.

Here are six qualities that make up a person who is going to LOVE this career:

  1. Someone who is organised and likes to follow systems and processes. You find this kind of discipline empowering and satisfying, not restrictive.
  2. Someone with impeccable attention to detail. To put it plainly, mistakes just can't happen in this role. It is entirely possible to do this work without making mistakes if a high level of attention to detail comes naturally to you.
  3. Someone who has some writing ability. You don't need formal writing qualifications, but you need a bit of a way with words, as well as excellent spelling and grammar. If you read a lot as a kid and teenager, and/or if you've always got a book on the go as an adult, that's a good sign.
  4. Someone looking for a career, not just a job. Sorry to use a cliché, but it's true. If you're applying for this position with a < 18-month mindset or a sense of "I'll give it a go and see what happens", it's not the right one for you. We invest in our people and give high performers opportunities that many other employers don't - so we need you to invest in us.
  5. Someone who is highly professional. This includes being well presented (corporate attire) at all times, and professionalism in how you interact with clients, colleagues and job seekers.
  6. Someone with ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM! These attributes are dear to the heart of EO. We want people with a zest for life, and passion for what they're doing.

Package & Perks

At EO we have a culture of ownership and autonomy. We also reward our people for their success. Your remuneration package will be made up of a retainer plus performance-based incentives that give you the opportunity to consistently earn over and above your 'base'.

Some great little perks of working here are fresh fruit and snacks each day, free coffee, and Friday afternoon drinks. We also have some giant perks like quarterly celebrations (think catering, dancing, awards, etc.) and an annual all expenses paid international trip for top performers (most recently Hawaii, Whistler and New Zealand). Our office is centrally located, with Brisbane river views and a close walk to transport, cafes and shops.

Upon joining the team you'll be provided with full training and support from your Team Leader to ensure you thrive in the role! We want you to succeed and will work with you to develop and enhance your existing knowledge and strategic skillset.

Most importantly, the work we do at EO is important. We create valuable connections for employers and jobseekers day in and day out, and we want you to be a part of it. Our people live our purpose - how great does it feel coming to work inspired and truly believing in the service you’re delivering?

If you're ready to establish a successful career within an innovative and vibrant organisation - Apply Now!

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